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Legend of the Flying Tigers

The First American Volunteer Group (AVG) of the Republic of China Air Force, nicknamed the Flying Tigers, was formed to help oppose the Japanese invasion of China. Operating in 1941–1942, it was composed of pilots from the United States, and was commanded by Claire Lee Chennault. Their Curtis P-40B Warhawk aircraft, marked with Chinese colors, flew under American control. Recruited under President Franklin Roosevelt's authority before Pearl Harbor, their mission was to bomb Japan and defend the Republic of China.

What You Will See
Parachute Circle.png

Parachute of Collaboration

Parachute of an American pilot escaped from crash on April 7, 1944 over China, signed by local dignitaries and those rescuing Chinese who welcomed the American assistance.

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FP-45 Liberator Pistol

Manufacturered by the U.S. Military for use by resistance forces in occupied territories during WWII, FP-45 is a single-shot pistol, it was intended for short range use of approx 1-4 yards.

Type A-2 Leather Flight Jacket of the Flying Tigers

A military flight jacket of the Flying Tigers decorated with squadron patch and national flags of US & China as a sign of fraternal friendship.

Plus other artifacts and vivid history of the Flying Tigers 
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